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-- Channel Ten

"Interesting read."
-- Megan Washington, singer/songwriter

“Your writing just gets better and better.”
-- Genevieve Maynard, musician and producer

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"Carly rules. She was a speaker at the Aus Blog con. She got up to talk and when she sat down I was a better person. There aren't many times you can mark a change in how you view the world so clearly, but that was one of them. Good on yer, Carly."

“Intense stuff from @carlyfindlay, a must read.”
-- Todd Winther, Toddocracy

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"Great blog. I am trying to be less superficial...especially when it comes to teaching my son the important things in life and I would definitely show him your blog when he can read. You are making a difference, and I can't imagine anything more admirable."

"Your blog is fantastic. One of my sons has been having a look at it with me and asked plenty of questions. We had a great discussion about bullying, being different etc...Thanks."

"I am in the American Military and I've seen several heroes in my career, and you are definitely among them.”